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Pharmacy Benefit Management

The Mitchell ScriptAdvisor PBM solution is flexible, convenient, and designed to control the rising costs of prescription medications. We customize programs to fit client needs and the needs of their claimants. We has the ability to customize formulary lists of medications, co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles, and specific prescription benefits for each claimant. Our goal is to reduce medication costs for our clients while providing the highest quality health care for our patients.

Jordan Reses Pharmacy Card 

Upon notification by the payer of a new open claim, ScriptAdvisor provides the claimant with a  pharmacy card. The pharmacy card will allow the patient to receive only approved, injury related medications. The pharmacy card may also limit a patient to use a specific pharmacy, doctor, medication, or class of medications depending on the payers instructions. The pharmacy card provides network pharmacies with the information necessary to process prescriptions electronically. The  Pharmacy Card contains the patients name, group number, ID number and our help desk toll free number, 800-848-4050. Jordan Reses will also directly contact a patients pharmacy and provide them with the necessary electronic billing information when necessary.

Cost Containment

The Mitchell ScriptAdvisor PBM solution focuses on lowering the costs of prescription medications for our clients. Clients experience an initial cost savings when they negotiate a fixed low prescription billing formula for their claimants medications. Insurance carriers, TPAs, and Self-Insured clients that use our prescription  management program will pay below state workers compensation fee schedules for their claimants prescription medications. Our Pharmacy Benefit Management system provides additional cost containment through the following: 

  • Inherent Bill Review - clients are invoiced at the low and fixed negotiated rate they have with Mitchell ScriptAdvisor, thereby eliminating the necessity to pay for additional bill review.  Moreover, only approved medications are able to be filled by network pharmacies eliminating the need to determine if the medication was authorized.
  • Automatic Generic Substitution - a less expensive generic medication will be substituted for the more expensive brand medication unless the prescribing doctor specifically writes that the brand is medically necessary.
  • Clients save time and money by dealing with one provider. They experience less paperwork and a reduction in phone calls from pharmacies and claimants. Clients will not have to reimburse patients at a higher rate for medications that they paid for out-of-pocket.

Help Desk

ScriptAdvisor provides all network pharmacies, patients, and clients with toll free access to our help desk. Our help desk coordinates medical benefits for our member patients and provides timely and efficient service. Our help desk may modify a patients prescription benefits in real time to allow a prescription to be filled at any of our national retail network pharmacies. Our Help Desk may be reached at 800-848-4050 Option #1.